Saturday, 6 January 2007

Trolley-spotting in Nottingham!

This morning I wrote about MyWalks - a project to get people engaging with their environment... Someone who's already doing that, by the looks of things, is Adele Prince - the London-based artist (and closet geographer, I think!) behind Trolley Spotting (thanks to Ollie Bray for highlighting this site).

Armed with a GPS and camera, Adele went trolley-spotting in Nottingham, London and Portsmouth, and has mapped the locations of the abandoned trolleys she spotted, as well as other interesting discarded objects.

What else could be mapped in this way? How about starting your own equivalent of the trolley-spotting project?!

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Adele Prince said...

Ah, thanks for highlighting Trolley Spotting! Did you know it won the Yahoo Finds of the Year Award? I am currently trying to secure funding to develop the project further, so keep an eye out for more walks.

You might like to read about a couple of other projects that involve a journey: