Wednesday, 10 January 2007


Tony Blair was accused yesterday of "muddle-headedness" as he told the world that he had no intention of giving up flying to far-flung holiday destinations, and he suggested that technology and science would get us out of the climate change mess we're in...

Quotes from Mr Blair's interview with Sky News included:

"It's like telling people you shouldn't drive anywhere"

"I'm not going to be in a situation of saying I'm not going to take holidays abroad or use air-travel. It's just not practical."

Yr11 had some interesting views on this today... Read the full story here and then let us know what you think! Should Tony and Cherie be spending their summers in Skeggie?! Or should they carry on jetting halfway round the world? (After all, an aeroplane a couple of times a year is nothing when there are all these factories in China pumping out nasty greenhouse gases!)

And speaking of greenhouse gases... The EU have announced new plans today to tackle climate change... Read all about them here... It's well worth having a look at the comments people have sent in as well - some interesting views!


Mrs K said...

Talking about muddle headed ... some good news and some bad.

The good news? Our green recycling bins have finally arrived! Hurray! So all of yesterday I was gradually building up the pile of paper in there ... old envelopes, paper balls, scrap paper, confiscated Metros ...

The bad news? This morning I went to add a piece of paper to the pile ... and the box was empty! Over zealous and prompt recyclers? No - the cleaners! It was like an arrow through my heart!

Hope you are all recycling lots!

geogtastic! said...

Oh dear!

Some of us are doing our best, and the yellow recycling boxes are a key feature in many classrooms... It is pretty much second nature to me at school as well as at home now to look for the recycling box before the bin!

In some classrooms though (including in the Hums block, I'm sorry to say!), the yellow boxes are hidden under the teacher's desk and ignored... And there are still rooms - including the new ICT rooms, where I suspect a lot of waste paper is generated - where there are no recycling facilities.

Mrs K said...

I hope the pupils reading this can get on at their teachers, then, to remind them to use the boxes. The reason we have boxes at all is because one sixth former has spent the last few years going on about it until someone had to do something!