Saturday, 6 January 2007

Geography on Radio 4

This morning, I finally got round to listening to the bits I missed from the Today Programme from New Year's Day - some really interesting discussions and interviews on a wide range of topics... And fantastic to hear the word "geography" used so many times!

You can "Listen Again" to the programme here.

One of the things that the G-Team looked at was MyWalks - a project set up by Dr Duncan Fuller, a geographer at the University of Northumbria. Here is the description of the project from the website:

"'Mywalks' is about (re-)engaging with our immediate urban, day-to-day, city, country, local, taken-for-granted environments and geographies through the medium of photography and audiography.Why? For the simple reason that all too often we don’t – we autopilot on ipods, get into our cars and turn the stereo up, dash from place to place, focus on where we’re going, not where we are (and what is there). So mywalks is about paying more attention to the streets, places, and spaces we walk through..."

Visit the website, read all about it, and then open your eyes and get involved!!

There was also an article in The Times the other day about the MyWalks project.

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