Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year!

It certainly was in Romania and Bulgaria... Click on the picture to find out why...

How will this affect Romanians and Bulgarians?
How will it affect the rest of the EU?

Less happy here... Where is it? What's happening (or not!)?


Mrs K said...

Happy New Year to all reading Geogtastic!

Interesting New Year weather to report ...

In the Clydeside, the wind blew down part of my cousin's greenhouse. He is a tomato grower, so this is an almost industrial scale greenhouse that we're talking about. Yet to see photos, but it sounds bad.

Two of the drying-green walls at my Gran's house were blown down around 7.30pm last night when she was on the phone to my Dad.

So a blustery start to the new year in Lanarkshire ...

It was wet and quite wild here, but fortunately we missed the powercuts that kept my sister and her husband in darkness before the bells in Arbroath, that also affected parts of Perthshire and elsewhere.

I wonder how England fared?

geogtastic! said...

Thanks Mrs K - Happy New Year to you too!

It is interesting to have "eyewitness reports". Things were windy in Yorkshire last night, but the worst has been this morning with rain, hail, sleet and strong winds - all while I was out walking!