Wednesday, 10 January 2007

The mysteries of Lake Vostok!

Nope... not the latest Harry Potter! Lake Vostok is a huge lake (big enough to provide London with enough water to last 5000 years!!) underneath the Antarctic ice. It has been "entombed" in ice for at least 15 million years, according to the Independent today, and it's in the news because scientists want to drill down through the ice to investigate the lake - which could be home to unknown life forms... Although scientists have known about Lake Vostok for some time now, drilling has been on hold because they worried that they would contaminate the lake. Now though (and in time for the International Polar Year), they think they have found a better method, and plan to go ahead with their work.

But why isn't the lake frozen?

How can things be living there if it's so cold and has no light?

And should the scientists be investigating (and risking irreversible damage to the lake and whatever might be in it)? Or should they leave well along?

The image shows the location of Lake Vostok... Click on it to link to the full story on the Independent website.

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