Friday, 12 January 2007

"Tourism suicide" for Bournemouth?

People in Bournemouth - one of Britain's top seaside resorts - have accused the local council of "tourism suicide" after £6 million was spent on coastal defences in the area.

Two million tonnes of shingle (stones, shells and flint) were dredged from Poole Harbour, and dumped on the famous golden sands at Bournemouth, in order to provide "a sturdier coastal defence" and protect coastal properties.

But businesses in the area are already suffering, according to owners of local surf shops and clubs - the shingle, apparently, has changed the shape of the waves so that they are no longer suitable for surfing.

Dr David Harlow, the council's coastal protection expert, claims that if the work had not been carried out, then 3000 properties and 100 cliff-top businesses would be at risk of falling into the sea.

The pictures show Bournemouth before and after... What do you think of the change? Worthwhile or a waste of money?

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