Saturday, 13 January 2007

Fancy a trip to the Arctic? For free?!

Yes... really! I've just spotted this competition on Tony Cassidy's blog.

The idea behind Ice Edge is that you enter a team of 2-4 people (aged 13-17) and come up with an idea to save the planet! Simple!

There are loads of ideas on the website to get you started, together with all the details of how to enter, and you've got until 16th March to get your ideas in.

Even if you don't fancy entering the competition, it's worth having a look at the website as there is lots of good stuff about the Arctic and climate change.


Tony Cassidy said...

Thanks for the link (though it doesn't work!), it would be nice for a team from Derbyshire to win this.


geogtastic! said...

Sorry Tony - corrected now! Typical that on the rare occasion when I don't check the link, someone tries it! Yes - it would be great for a Derbyshire team to win.

Lollypop611 said...

Does that mean i cant enter?
im smelly 18 now!!!
It stinks!!!!
Im sure i could have won!! lol
Luv Lauren x x x

geogtastic! said...

What would your idea have been Lauren? Maybe you could be a "team coach" for some young folk!

Lollypop611 said...

I dont know that much!!! If you know anyone enterin then you are welcome to mention that i am willing to give my hands and head!!
Luv Lauren x x x