Monday, 22 January 2007

Every little helps? Or not?

I've just been watching an interesting item on the news about fears that Tesco are taking over...

Tesco is Britain's biggest retailer - taking more than £1 of every £8 spent on the high street, and apparently the Oxfordshire town of Bicester (population 30,000) has 6 Tesco stores!

But why is this story making the news? These stores have made things much more convenient for shoppers, we can buy anything and everything - nice and cheap, and they've created lots of jobs... Surely these are good things?? Or is there more to it...?

What do you think the effects of the growth of Tesco are? Who do you think might not be so keen on "Tescopoly"? Do YOU think Tesco's growth is a good thing? Why or why not?

Whilst I was looking for the news story, I also came across this site, which makes interesting reading!

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