Monday, 18 December 2006

Winter cancelled in Europe??

I mentioned the other day the threat to ski resorts in Europe... Concern is growing, according to a BBC news report today, with many ski resorts having had to delay their openings, and ski races and events being cancelled due to a lack of snow.

The story also reports on the confusion amongst people - and animals - in Russia! The unusually warm conditions in a country known for its harsh, cold winters, and where temperatures this time last year fell as low as -29 degrees, have prompted mixed reactions. Some are happy that walking and driving are much easier, and that they are not slipping and sliding around. Others are worried - having to find alternatives to their traditional winter past-times of ski-ing and ice fishing. And Red Square, normally covered in a blanket of white snow by now, remains grey and damp, without a snowflake in sight.

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