Thursday, 21 December 2006

A clue... And Polish Christmas Dinners...

Well, Mrs K was close with her suggestion that the men in the picture were waiting for work... And she thought they might be going to gather oranges... But where are they? And why did they make the front page of Tuesday's Guardian?

On a not unrelated theme, I was reading the local newspaper at my parents' house in Bradford yesterday, and was interested to see that Morrison's are now stocking carp on their fish counters. Although it is not a fish that we traditionally eat in the UK, fried carp is the main dish in the 12-course feast that Polish people eat on Christmas Eve. No-one seems quite sure how many Polish immigrants there are in Bradford, but Morrison's seem keen to cater for the whole community! I can't find a link to the story, but their press release is here. There is also a more general article about Polish food and how it, and other foreign cooking traditions have influenced the "British culinary landscape" on the Waitrose website. Have you spotted any other similar stories? Or do you know of any other interesting Christmas food traditions around the world?

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