Sunday, 17 December 2006

Collecting your pension from the pub?!

That might be the case for elderly people in rural areas, if the threatened closures of 2500 Post Offices (announced last Thursday) go ahead.

It is claimed that the post office network is unsustainable, because more and more people are doing their banking, bill-paying, and buying TV licences and road tax via the internet, and so small rural branches in particular are likely to have to close. But many of these small rural Post Office are viewed by their customers as a vital part of the community...

One suggestion has been that "Post Office Outlets" could be set up for small rural communities in pubs and village halls.

But it's not just the rural Post Offices suffering - it was announced back in June that 6 major Post Offices were to close and their services transferred to nearby W.H. Smith's stores.

Click on the picture below to link to Thursday's story about the closures on the BBC website. Whilst you are there, have a look at some of the other related stories, and people's views on the issue.

What role(s) do you think Post Offices have in small rural villages?
What impacts will these closures have?
What are the possible solutions?

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