Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Marvellous Maps!

My Yr7 group were very excited to receive their free OS maps today, and keen to take them home and test their parents' map reading skills!

MapZone is part of the Ordnance Survey website and has lots of games and some tips to help you to understand more about maps and how they work...

Geograph is a project which is attempting to collect photographs for every square kilometre of the British Isles. They are already well on their way, although there are still a fair few squares left to "bag". There are some fantastic photos on there and it is worth remembering if you need photos for projects, etc.. Even better though, get registered and put some of your holiday snaps, or some pictures of your local area on the site!

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Paul Dixon said...

Thanks for the mention! While geographically relevant "holiday snaps" won't be turned away, we really want people to get out there and take photos!

Glad you find it useful, we're hoping to expand it's use in education throughout 2007.

Paul Dixon
Geograph Developer