Tuesday, 1 May 2007

A very helpful man by the name of Noel Jenkins!!

I've pointed out Noel Jenkins' very useful summary of the idea of levels marking before, but as some of the Yr11s at today's revision session who are not in my group and who have not been fortunate/unfortunate enough to listen to me wittering on about it for months were unsure about it, here it is again... http://noeljenkins.wordpress.com/2007/01/13/level-marking-at-gcse/

And while I was looking for that link, I noticed that Noel has got LOADS of useful information/links/resources on his blog for GCSE students... http://noeljenkins.wordpress.com/ . His last few posts are GCSE related, but to check that you have seen everything, click on the Yr11 label at the bottom of one of the posts, and that will take you to a page with all the Yr11 posts...

Don't forget though, not everyone is doing the same course as us (OCR 'C') - just because something is covered on a revision site doesn't mean you need to know it... If you spot something you are concerned about, check your course overview sheet, or come and see one of us!

Noel is also doing some work with his Yr 8 students about personal geographies.... Well worth a read anyway, but of particular interest to Yr9 who are looking at some similar ideas, particularly the concept of place and "My Place"...


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