Saturday, 26 May 2007

G is for...

Geography in Bookshops!

If you're at a loose end over the holidays, then go shopping - and do your bit for the Give Geography its Place campaign at the same time!

Many bookshops have loads of great geography books... But if you want to find them, chances are you'll have to trawl through the Travel, Local History, Natural History, Popular Science, Maps, Reference, Lifestyle, etc. sections! GGiP want to see all bookshops giving geography its place, with proper, clearly-labelled Geography sections containing a good selection of Geography books...

So, what can you do to help??

Visit your local bookshop(s) and see:
- whether they have a Geography section
- whether it is called Geography
- what types of books are within the Geography section
- how long the Geography section is

If you're impressed with what you see, tell them - and take some pictures to send to GGiP (or send them to me)... If you're not impressed with what you see, tell them!

Leave a comment here and report your findings! Thank you!

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Becka said...

Keep up the good work.