Thursday, 26 April 2007

Year 10 - Boscastle

A few links to help you with your homework...

Boscastle Cornwall - Boscastle Village website, with various flood photos, information about the rebuilding/regeneration, and about the area in general.

TintagelWeb - loads of pohtos, taken during and after the flood.

Museum of Witchcraft - the Boscastle Witchcraft Museum, and lots of its artefacts were badly damaged in the flood, and they kept an interesting and comprehensive diary of the clean-up.

Geobytes GCSE - a useful summary and lots of links on Rob Chambers' blog.

GeographyPages - lots of useful links about Boscastle and other floods (and everything else geographical!)

And loads of articles on the BBC website... type Boscastle into a BBC search!


Richard said...

There is also some links and materials here:

Hope it helps.


geogtastic! said...

Excellent - thanks Richard!