Sunday, 15 April 2007

Geography on TV

There are lots of programmes on TV this week that look as though they might be of interest to the geographer...

Sunday 15th April
- Francesco's Italy Top to Toe - BBC2 - 7.00pm
- Superstorm - BBC1 - 9.00pm
- The Science of Superstorms - BBC2 - 10.00pm

Monday 16th April
- Shopping the Supermarkets - BBC1 - 7.30pm
- Super Typhoon: Perfect Disaster - Ch5 - 8.00pm
- Cutting Edge - Meet the Foxes - Ch4 - 9.00pm

Tuesday 17th April
- Climate Change: Make a Difference - ITV1 - 7.30pm

Wednesday 18th April
- Natural World - BBC2 - 9.00pm

Friday 20th April
- Unreported World - Ch4 - 7.35pm

For those of you who - unlike me - have more than four and a half channels, it's worth checking the listings as there are some interesting sounding programmes on More 4, UKTV History and UKTV Documentary.

Let me know if you spot anything else that I've missed!


Mr Chambers said...

I believe that the Day After Tomorrow is also on Film Four which can be viewed for free on Digital (I think!) - Monday evening I think!

geogtastic! said...

Thank you! It is - Monday 16th at 9.00pm.

Lollypop611 said...

Miss you dont have a TV!! Or at least thats what you told us!
Lauren x x

geogtastic! said...

That was way back when you were in Year 10 Lauren!! And anyway, I can still point out interesting (or not so interesting as it turned out in the case of some of these programmes...) programmes for the benefit of others!