Monday, 2 April 2007

Fancy a flatpack house?!

You've had the beds and the bookcases, the desks and the doormats, the tubchairs and the tealights... But soon, you'll be able to go the whole hog and have an Ikea home! BoKlok (pronounced "book look", apparently, and Swedish for "smart living") dwellings are already popular in Scandinavia (the one in the picture is in Denmark), and now planning permission has been granted for 36 BoKlok apartments in Gateshead. They should be completed by the end of the year, and each of the 2- or 3-bed apartments is likely to cost less than £100,000. The answer to Britain's housing problems??
Click on the picture to find out more... And then vote below - would you buy one??


Geography@Bushloe said...

Hi, I'm in Sweden at the moment and all the new houses are built in factories now and they are fab! Super insulated and eco friendly this really is the future. I went round my cousins new house last week and it was stunning, the quality was so much better than new UK homes and yet the cost is lower.

geogtastic! said...

Thanks Bushloe - that's interesting to know, and I am pretty surprised at the results of the poll so far! Although I like the eco-friendly aspect, and the community feel that you're meant to get with the shared gardens, etc. I am still not convinced, and I think the ones in the picture look pretty horrible!!!

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