Sunday, 11 March 2007

Year 11 Homework - Part One

The first part of your homework this week is to play Who wants to be a farmer? and then leave a comment here to tell us how you got on...

...which is hopefully better than I did!! I started off pretty well and the first few years went ok... But it went downhill from year 7, and I finished with a management rating of 49/100 and a bank balance of -£19160.33 - oops!! My poor management skills were not helped by the fact that I had a flood and my tractor broke twice though.

Make sure that you read the information carefully - have a look at the Help sections before you make your decisions. Then let us know what your management score was, what your final bank balance was, and a bit about the factors that helped or hindered your progress.

Don't forget to put your first name or initials on your comment. Have fun!

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