Thursday, 15 March 2007

Penguins in Africa??

Well, you've seen the penguins in South Georgia... Now you can see them on a sunny beach in South Africa!! Geography teacher David Rogers has posted this fab video on his blog, of the penguins at The Boulders, on the Cape Peninsula in South Africa.

Brought back happy memories from when I visited there - many moons ago in 1999. I've just dug out my photo albums, and here is a picture I took when I was there... The quality isn't great as it's from the "olden days" and I've had to scan it. More of my South Africa photos might follow!


Mr Rogers said...

They are just great aren't they?! It looks less developed in your photo - there was quiet alot of new tourist infrastructure around the beach when I visited in Feb!

geogtastic! said...

As I remember, the immediate area was very undeveloped. We walked along a little path down through a wooded area to the beach, and then it was just sand and boulders, blue sea, blue sky and penguins!