Sunday 4 March 2007

Sim Sweatshop

Earlier in the year, Yr9 had a look at "sweatshops" - the factories in LEDCs where workers are paid very badly and worked very hard, often in pretty grim conditions - usually producing garments for big multinational companies like Nike and Adidas.

Lots of geography teachers are blogging about Sim Sweatshop at the moment, and I've finally got round to having a look at it this evening... The game gives you a bit of an insight into the hardships that these sweatshop workers face on a daily basis, and if you click on "What's the Story?" there is lots of information about sweatshops, why they exist, the companies that use them, and what can be done about them.

The picture below will take you to the game, where you are a worker in one of these sweatshops - making sports shoes. If you work hard all day (12 hours), you will be paid your full wage of $6.05. Making mistakes will cost you dear.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, really helped me out with my Y8 Globalisation!