Saturday, 3 October 2009

People Powered Maps...

Most of you will, by now, have seen the fantastic Worldmapper maps, put together by a team of geographers from Sheffield University. (If you haven't, you should go and have a look now... And even if you have, go and have another look, as there are now almost 700 maps available.)

However, Professor Danny Dorling has been busy producing a new set of cartograms showing population density for various different countries. This is the UK one, and you can find out more about the project and look at some of the other maps in this BBC article, or view the full set of maps on the Worldmapper website:

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TammiMagee said...

Hmmmm. Interestine. I'm not sure about the Geographical accuracy of the live traffic feed tool. It is saying that Burton upon Trent is in Derbyshire!!!!! To quote you Miss. Ellis; 'How Rude!'