Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Walkers' Carbon Footprint!

Next time you buy a packet of Walkers' crisps, take a good look at the packet... According to the article on Newsnight that I've just been watching, you'll not only be able to see what's in your crisps (100% British potatoes, apparently), and check your calorie/fat/salt/etc/ consumption, but you'll also now be able to see how your packet of crisps is affecting the environment.

Walkers are the first big company to sign up to a new Carbon Footprint labelling scheme, where products carry labels stating the carbon emissions. Walkers trialled this scheme earlier in the year, but now every product will carry the carbon footprint label.

Walkers have a special website which tells you more about the scheme, and more about how the process of crisp-making affects the environment...

Do you think this sounds like a good idea? Do you care how much carbon dioxide your crisps have produced? Should all manufacturers be required to put this kind of labelling on their products?

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