Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Derbyshire Day

I was reminded by a display in the entrance to Sainsbury's this afternoon that Saturday (22nd September) is the first ever Derbyshire Day!

This time last year, Andy Whittaker - presenter of the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Derby - held a competition, and his listeners designed a Derbyshire flag...

Flushed with success, they then went on to plan for a Derbyshire Day, and the decision was made to hold Derbyshire Day on the anniversary of the launch of the Derbyshire flag - 22nd September.

There is loads on the BBC website about Derbyshire Day and the Derbyshire flag, and the display in the entrance of Sainsbury's was quite interesting.

The thing that stood out this evening though when I was looking for more information about all this was this article from Buxton Today... Apparently, the Derbyshire flag will not be flying above Buxton Town Hall, even on Saturday, because not enough people will recognise it or know what it's for!!

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