Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Happy Yorkshire Day!

Since 1975, August 1st has been a day to celebrate tea, flat caps and all other things Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Day began as a protest against the re-organisation of England's county boundaries which took place in 1974, to remind people of the traditional culture and heritage of Yorkshire. The date of 1st August is significant as it is the anniversary of the Battle of Minden, when soldiers from Yorkshire regiments picked white roses from hedgerows near the battlefields as a tribute to their fallen comrades.

The Yorkshire Day celebrations take place in a different Yorkshire town or city each year, and this year, to coincide with the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade in Britain, it is the turn of Hull. Today, the mayors of every Yorkshire town and city gathered in Hull for a civic procession and lunch as the guests of the Lord Mayor of Kingston-upon-Hull.

Keith Madeley, who is Chairman of the Yorkshire Society and has had a special Yorkshire pinstripe suit made for the occasion, has been talking to to the Bradford Telegraph & Argus about why Yorkshire is so special.

Mr Madeley was also interviewed recently by Radio Derby, as the first ever Derbyshire Day will be taking place in September this year...

Anyway, Happy Yorkshire Day to you all - and to celebrate... seven famous Yorkshire places for you to name!

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Mrs K said...

Happy Yorkshire Day to you too! My sister is in Yorkshire at the moment ... I wonder if she knows?!

Miss Ellis said...

Thanks Mrs K! But do you know where all the places in the pictures are?!

GeoBlogs said... - oh what a give away !
Happy Yorkshire Day - always remember Richard Whiteley would bang on about it on 'Calendar'..
Whatever happened to Bob Rust ?

Miss Ellis said...

Yes, I thought that when I typed it - but then thought that it probably wouldn't make much difference to my target audience!!! You've got the rest then, I take it??