Monday, 13 May 2013

SDME preparation

A reminder of the link for the SDME Resource Booklet.

Those of you doing the Higher Tier paper in particular should not only be familiarising yourselves with the resources in the booklet, but reading around the issues too.

The Geography Pods website mentioned in the earlier revision post has links to a number of YouTube videos about recent earthquakes, and also a number of resources that Geography teachers have put together to help their students to prepare for the exam.

Putting down roots in earthquake country is a document from the Southern California Earthquake Center, providing information about the earthquake risk in California and advice for residents about how best to prepare for earthquakes.

Inside Disaster is an interactive website which allows you to explore the Haiti earthquake as a survivor, a journalist or an aid worker.

It's also worth checking out the British Geological Survey and the United States Geological Survey websites - both have lots of information on earthquakes.

I'll add more links here over the next couple of weeks, but if you find any particularly good ones, leave a comment or email me so that they can be shared with everyone.

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