Thursday, 5 August 2010

Map Addict

I have just finished reading Map Addict by Mike Parker which (as well as making me realise I am not quite so obsessed with maps as I could be) was a brilliant read - full of interesting geography, history and stories that make you nod and smile in an "I know just what you mean" sort of way. Click on the picture for the Amazon link.

Disclaimer - there are some rude words in it.


GeoBlogs said...

Rude words ?
Well, I won't possibly read it then ;)
If you want to hear more from Mike, he's going to be involved in an event in November in London that I'm also speaking at.
Will let you know when all the details are finalised... :)
About to start Joe Bennet's "Hello Dubai" as my holiday-read...

Miss Ellis said...

Haha! As my blog is primarily aimed at my students, I don't want a raft of parental complaints that I am recommending books with rude words...

Look forward to hearing more about this event!

I still have 'Maps of my life' to read and then I'll be wanting some more recommendations - it's a while since I've spent too much money on Amazon as a result of your suggestions!