Saturday, 5 June 2010


One of my most recent discoveries is Historypin - essentially, people (including you, if you like) can scan old photos and "pin" them to a Google Map, and also add stories to the photos. Explorers of the map can compare the historical photos with what's there now, and the photos can also be viewed in StreetView. It's still in Beta so a bit temperamental at the moment, but potentially a very interesting and useful resource...

Anyone can explore the map - if you want to add photos and/or stories, you'll need to sign in with your Google account.

Click on the screenshot to link to the site, or have a look at this YouTube video to find out more:


TammiMagee said...

Very interesting Post Miss. Ellis. I must say your best yet! But is this Geography?

Miss Ellis said...

Thanks Mrs Magee. Of course it is geography - the images that are uploaded are geolocated, the whole thing is based around a map, and many of the reasons for the changes that are evident in the scenes that are depicted in the images are geographical.