Sunday, 5 April 2009

Mobile Phone Revision Quizzes...

I've been intending for a while to have a go at this, and decided this afternoon that it would be far more fun than cleaning the bathroom... This folder contains a GCSE Coasts Revision Quiz - ten simple multiple choice questions, in the form of .jpegs. The idea is that you download the pictures to your mobile, and then view them in slideshow mode on your phone... Geography revision, wherever, whenever!

How you get the pictures onto your phone will vary from phone to phone, and although I have got them to the right size so that they display properly on my phone, I am not sure whether or not they will work properly on other phones...

So, have a go at downloading them and then leave a comment telling me:

- how easy it was to get the quiz onto your phone
- whether it displays properly on your phone
- whether you think revision quizzes like this are a good idea
- any suggestions for improvements



Anonymous said...

It was (really)easy getting the quiz onto my phone and it worked fine....I thinks it's because we have the same phone!
I like this kind of revison and is better then just reading my book,
thanks for my cream egg :)

Miss Ellis said...

Wow! That was quick. Thanks Tanith. Glad to hear that it worked and you think that it will be useful.

I wonder about non-iPhones?

Miss Smith said...

Cheers for this! It's worked really well and will be great as a revision activity for my GCSE lot and for SoW. Looking forward to having a go myself! :)

Miss Ellis said...

Excellent - thanks Miss Smith. Good to hear that it's worked on at least one non-iPhone and with Bluetooth. Look forward to seeing the ones you make!!