Saturday, 8 November 2008


How would you cope if a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck? Very unlikely in Swanwick, but a real possibility for people living near the San Andreas Fault... which is why, on 13th November, more than 5 million people in Southern California will be taking part in The Great Southern Californian Shakeout - "the largest earthquake preparedness activity in US history".

Have a look at this video which shows what could happen when "the big one" strikes, and check out the ShakeOut website where there is lots more information, more video clips, and you can test your earthquake preparedness by playing Beat the Quake.

Thanks to Bob and Alan...


LuLu49 said...

The youtube link has got broken but I managed to find it by following your other link to the site

Miss Ellis said...

Thanks for pointing that out Lulu - it is sorted now (I think!)