Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Who said soil was boring?

One of the exhibitors at the SAGT Conference on Saturday was the Macaulay Institute, who describe themselves as "the UK's premier land use research centre". They have produced some fantastic resources about soils and succession, which some of the Year 13 geographers will have seen before, but I have just been looking at their website and there is loads more fantastic stuff on there which is well worth a look.

And on the topic of soils, I've also just discovered! Enjoy!!
Oh, and if your eyesight is not that good and you are wondering just how many living organisms there are in a teaspoon of soil, click on the picture which will take you to a pdf of the original poster on the Macaulay Institute website!


Mr M said...

Soil is fantastic but students never understand - they need their minds opening to dirt!

Great website I've been looking for resource like this for ages.

GeoBlogs said...

Plenty of soils stuff on the old favourite website too...