Thursday, 26 June 2008

Carsington Pasture Windfarm?

Those of you in Year 10 will hopefully be able to recall your Year 8 Geography days - and in particular your visit to Carsington Pasture and Harborough Rocks to decide where the best place to build a windfarm would be... At the time, it was all hypothetical... But not any more!!

In February last year, a Welsh company called West Coast Energy proposed the building of 4 wind turbines at Carsington Pasture. The plans were unanimously defeated by Derbyshire Dales District Council, but the company have appealed against the decision and a public inquiry begins at the council offices in Matlock on Tuesday.

Derby Evening Telegraph
Ashbourne News Telegraph

Unfortunately, the website set up by the local people who are protesting against the turbines ( doesn't seem to be working as I type this...

Lots more info if you Google [carsington wind farm]... Will be interesting to see how things progress...

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