Wednesday, 27 February 2008

How was it for you?

Unfortunately, I was fast asleep at 1am, and missed all the excitement... Would be great to have some comments with your experiences of the UK's biggest earthquake since 1984 though!

There are lots of articles on the BBC website, and several video clips showing interviews with a seismologist and with various eyewitnesses (including Matt, a former Swanwick student who is now at university in Hull!) and one video clip filmed by some students as the earthquake happened.

Particularly interesting is this article which looks at how and why small-scale earthquakes occur in the UK, despite us being quite a long way from any of the major plate boundaries.

The British Geological Survey have a press release on their website which includes seismographs of from this morning's earthquake, and a questionnaire for people to contribute their experiences to the studies of the earthquake that the BGS are carrying out.

A little bit ironic that I had had a dicussion with my Yr9 group yesterday about the fact that we have little in the way of tectonic activity in the UK though!


Kayleigh R said...

Thought it was the tumble dryer....until a book fell off my shelf and i realised my desk was moving...and heard a huge rumbling sound.

P.S Yes I know a tumble dryer...not very environmentally friendly...but you'll be pleased to know that we hang our washing out when it's a warm day..=] Thanks to moi!

Anna Simpson said...

It was pretty scary. I remember waking up just before 1.00am and felt the floor rumble, I thought nothing of it at first, i thought it was a lorry going by, but then it got louder and there was a massive bang. As soon as it began it ended. It only occured to me afterwards that it was an earthquake. I was awake for over an hour afterwards, pretty shaken up. Just think though if people were shaken up here in the UK, with a slightly mild earthquake it makes you think about how people felt in Indonesia when the tsunami struck.

Yesterday evening i'm sure there was some after shocks of the earthquake. Did anyone else feel them?

It puts it all into perspective.