Thursday, 10 January 2008

China ban plastic bags!!

The Chinese government announced yesterday that it would be banning shopkeepers from handing out plastic bags from June this year, and stopping the production of ultra-thin plastic bags, in an attempt to cut down on pollution and resource use.

More from the BBC website here


Anna.S said...

Finally, help is slowly on the way to saving the environment, now all that's needed is for the rest of the world to join in with the plastic bag ban. Yet what i'd like to know is what they're going to do with the old plastic bags that are currently in land fill sites that are not biodegrading.

Miss Ellis said...

When you look into it in a bit more detail, there are actually a good number of countries that are far further down the line regarding plastic bags than we are! They are banned in Bangladesh, and now in China, and they are charged for or taxed in many countries.

8BPh are in the middle of an experiement to look into the biodegrading thing - we have buried a selection of plastic bags (some of which are meant to be environmentally friendly, rapid biodegrading ones) outside the back of Humanities... so we will see what happens there!

Anna.S said...

I knew that some countries around the world have already started the bag ban, but now that large countries are joining in as well, that's even better. I know that there are some cities in the UK that have banned plastic bags and some that are on the verge of doing so which is excellent.